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In-Home ABA Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Although some forms of ABA therapy should occur in clinic settings, many children benefit from in-home sessions. Our professional therapists come and practice skill acquisition and problem behavior reduction in your home. Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can benefit from these services.

Home therapy is ideal for helping your child learn specific skills, such as personal hygiene and independent living. Individuals of any age group — whether they are on the younger side or are teenagers — will receive important skills from in-home ABA therapy.

Individualized ABA Therapy Services in Charlotte, NC

While many children benefit from on-site ABA therapy, having all or some sessions in the home may be more conducive. At Effective Interventions, we provide ABA therapy sessions in the comfort of your home to teach your child various skills.

Home interventions can target specialized — like bathroom hygiene — or generalized needs. In-home sessions benefit parents and other family members because you can be directly involved in the treatment, such as when your child is learning to listen and follow the rules or share with others.

Compassionate Therapists for Pediatric Behavior Therapy at Home

At Effective Interventions, we have multiple Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts (BCBAs) and Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) on staff. They have years of experience and training, making them knowledgeable in ABA and able to create custom plans for each child we work with. Our therapists also provide assistance and training to parents and caregivers to make family life better.

Each therapist abides by Effective Interventions’ core values, including:

  • Empowerment: Our therapists believe in themselves and your child. They help each other and the children feel empowered in their abilities and work hard throughout ABA therapy.
  • Teamwork: We encourage continual growth and collaboration with our team and other professional resources. Our practitioners also make you and your child a part of the team to communicate about goals.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our work, allowing us to set and achieve high standards for our ABA therapy. We value our commitment to encouraging you and your child in bringing ideas and concerns forward.

Why Choose Effective Interventions for In-Home ABA Therapy in Charlotte, NC?

Effective Interventions provides in-home ABA therapy for children in Charlotte, NC between birth and 21 years old. Our customized services help children learn social, emotional, communication and self-care skills. ABA from our therapists can also lessen challenging behaviors like self-harm.

Trust our therapists — they have years of experience with ABA therapy for children with ASD. With the option for in-home ABA services, your child can get the care they need in an appropriate setting.

Choose Us for ABA Therapy at Home in Charlotte, NC

At Effective Interventions, our therapists use evidence-based ABA therapy to help your child learn various new skills, including social, emotional, self-care and regulation behaviors. Our therapists can come to the homes of families in the Charlotte area to provide these services.

If you believe your child would benefit from in-home ABA therapy, our knowledgeable therapists are prepared to provide in-home services to help your child attain new skills that help them gain independence.

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