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Our Services

Family Training & Consultation

We can create a treatment plan to fit your individual needs, whether that means focusing on one skill like potty training or healthy eating or a more comprehensive plan to increase communication and decrease problem behavior. Consultation services vary according to each family’s need but typically consist of meeting to gather background information and reasons for initiating services, observation of child, consultant modeling interventions, and real time feedback to parents implementing interventions.

Direct Intervention- Home

The setting chosen for direct intervention is identified through assessing the child’s needs and matching them with the highest amount of opportunities in a setting. Other factors that may contribute to this decision are environmental variables, and strategies to facilitate parent involvement. A majority of programs have will have a portion of direct intervention take place in the home setting. Programs within the home can be focused or comprehensive. The home is a great setting to target skills such as toileting, routines, complying with parent instructions, self-care activities, and and more!

Direct Intervention- Clinic

A portion or all of your child’s initial treatment hours may take place in the clinic environment. Clinic-based ABA allows for a more structured environment with more control over environmental variables that may not be able to be modified in the home and community settings as easily. A variety of skills can be furthered in this setting and is a great step to work on skills that may be needed in a school or community environment. Social skills teaching opportunities can also be increased in this setting due to access to interactions with adults and peers.

Direct Intervention- Community

Services in the community are often provided at school, camps, or daycare. We are happy to work with anyone who teaches or cares for your child. Natural settings are valuable environments for providing services because social interactions and group instruction skills can be targeted. In addition, children are more likely to use the skills in the setting they learn them. In community settings, we typically work one-on-one with the child and model strategies for other providers if needed. We also provide training and feedback to the teachers or providers with strategies to increase your child’s success in that environment. The child’s goals and progress will be reviewed with parents regularly to ensure generalization across all settings.

Populations Served

We currently serve both Moore county and Wake county. Our two offices are located in Southern Pines, NC and Cary, NC.

Southern Pines Office

375 SE Broad St, Southern Pines, North Carolina 28387

Raleigh Office

901 Jones Franklin Road Suite 102, Raleigh NC 27606

Effective Interventions welcomes all children through every stage and with a variety of skills and strengths. We are currently able to serve individuals from the age of 18 months to 21 years old with a variety of disabilities, however, our main caseload and staff’s experience is with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Please contact us to further discuss the ways that Effective Interventions can help your child succeed!

 Accepted Insurance Plans

We are currently accepting the following Insurance providers:

  • Cigna
  • BCBS
  • United Health Care
  • First Carolina Care